Average Views Per Month: 40,000
Average Per Day: 1,200 - 1,800+
Social Followers: 12,000+ 
Average Number Of Posts: 2-3 per week

I have a specialized advertisement program that will be tailored to you or your brand. Advertisements can take the form of blog sidebar advertisement, in post banner advertisement, styled blog posts, product styling and photography, and many other options. Contact me and we can specialize a package for you and your brand! [ ]

Please email me to request a media kit. 

If you choose to send me an item to wear/style in one of my blog posts please email me with a link where I may choose the items that are within my personal style.  All "gifted" pieces in my posts are listed as c/o [courtesy of] and linked back to your site, as well as, properly tagged in all social media shares. I will only wear/style items that I truly love, and feel reflect my personal style and aesthetic.
Please note: Items will not be returned. 

I am a fine art, natural light lifestyle & engagement photographer. I utilize only natural sunlight to capture the essence of products and people's moments. I provide product styling and photography packages, both on a commercial scale and small brand scale. If you are interested in have your products photographed please contact me at jennaroiphotography@gmail and I will provide you with my portfolio.

The Nosh Life is a for profit blog. All companies that I choose to collaborate with, or become and affiliate with, are chosen by me. I will only advertise products, and partner with brands, that I feel reflect my own personal style and fit within the style of The Nosh Life. Regardless of compensation, I will never share an opinion that is not genuine and honest. I reserve the right to terminate any sponsorship or partnership at any time without refund due to conflicts of interest.

This site earns compensation from advertising, affiliate programs, brand collaborations and the like. Any products that have been gifted will be marked as: c/o "courtesy of".


  1. Just found you through From Mississippi with Love! I AM LOVING what I see!! Can't wait to to see more of your blog!

  2. Would love to swap a medium ad with you! Please contact me if that's possible :)

  3. Interested in swapping a medium ad too! Contact me :)

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  5. this is a great blog. love it!


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