Monday, January 26, 2015


Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey girls. Can I get personal here for a minute?
I recently started my favorite month long prayer challenge again. I have devoted the month of January to praying for my husband, that is, my future husband. I am living the single life. I'm okay with that. And then again.. I'm not. God has knit into each of us the desire to pair up. It's natural. It's good. It's a God-given desire. So, some days the "single life" is lonely. You can be surrounded by family and friends that genuinely love you, and you them, yet feel a little alone. Another person does not complete us. Our wholeness should come from our relationship with Christ, but there is a complimentary oneness that is born in the marriage relationship. You get little snippets of it as you grow to know and love that one person that you are working toward forever with.

There are moments of true contentedness, and moments of "God, I've waited patiently, please press skip ahead on this". 


I do not believe in prince charming, love at first sight, or soul mates. Those ideas permeate our society's idea of love, but it's not realistic or biblical. In Genesis 2:22 it says: "The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man". Isn't that beautiful? God fashioned her. The word used here for the fashioning of the woman is banah. This word is used to describe the making of a temple, palaces, or forms of art. The word itself implies that the woman was not only meant to be a companion, but also an aesthetic work.  I know, I know.. we are women, hear us roar, but God has given us worth and value so far beyond "I don't need a man" or "Anything a man can do I can do better". He created us uniquely the way that we are. He created us to be the compliment to masculinity.  

We should embrace our femininity and womanhood. God has fashioned us. God brought Eve to Adam. He didn't create them separately and then wait for them to bump into each other. He also didn't tell the woman to search out the man. He created her from Adam's rib, making Eve flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone. Then, God simply brought her to Adam. God is sovereign, and He has a will for your life. If God has given us the desire to pair up, then we can trust Him to bring that pairing to fruition. It's a faith walk.

There is this idea in the church that life doesn't begin until you get married and begin a life of serving Christ together. This is ridiculous. Marriage is good, we should aspire to it, but God wants us to be serving Him in our singleness too. Our life should be full and complete before we pair up. If you are not busy serving Christ as a single young woman, you won't start after you say "I do". We should be growing, focused, serving, independent, and purposeful in our singleness. When we get to the stage of marriage in our lives, who we are carries right over. We are a compliment and a helpmate to the man that God has for us. 


So what is a girl to do while she waits for God to unfold her pairing in His perfect timing?


Prayer is powerful. We have a direct line of fellowship with the Lord through prayer. Pour out your heart to God. Praise Him in prayer. Search out wisdom through prayer. Do you talk to your mom regularly? Perhaps your girlfriends? You talk with them, sharing happiness, fear, anger, you seek guidance, and ask for opinions. Are you there for them in the same way? Yes. You cultivate the relationship. Prayer is like those intimate conversations. If we do not cultivate our relationship with Christ through prayer, it will wither. 

Pray for a heart of contentment. Pray that God would grow you into a woman of integrity. Pray for courage and strength to stand firm in your faith. Spend time praising God in prayer.

In order to be grounded in our faith we must be in God's word. That is where instruction and wisdom come from. Spend time studying scripture so that you may grow spiritually. If you are a woman that can be easily swayed in your beliefs, you will find yourself on unstable ground. Set aside time in your days to study God's word so that you may grow spiritually and be solid in your faith. When we have this stable foundation we can move forward, with any step in life.

Get involved in your church! God has given us all spiritual gifts, and we should use them to the benefit of the body of Christ. Plugin to your church. Serve in the nursery, help with children's program,  or serve in an adult bible fellowship. Can you sing? Well, join the worship team. Maybe you're good with social media. Find a place to serve on the media team at your church. There are so many ways to plugin to your church, and use your time, and gifts wisely.

Who are you? What are your thoughts? Your likes? Your fears? Before you can share yourself with another person you have to first know who you are. You can't explain your values and your heart unless you are grounded in your identity. If you are not grounded in who you are and what you believe, you can easily be swayed and changed. Be confident and secure in who you are.

5.  FOCUS.
Rather than pining away for a significant other, go out and do something with yourself! If you're in school, focus on that and doing the best that you can. Don't let loneliness be a distraction from the here and now. Focus on your school, your work, growing your talents, and managing your time wisely. If you're floundering in your singleness, marriage will not stabilize you.

Our wholeness does not and should not come from another person. Another person does not complete us. We find our wholeness in Christ. Before you can become one in a marriage relationship, you must be independent as a young woman. Independent in your relationship with Christ, in your thoughts, and in your decisions. Marriage brings two whole independent people together. You don't take on your husband and who he is. You compliment and balance one another. There is a give and take. 

Dating. It's going to happen. You're going to be asked out, and you're going to want to jump at the chance for that coffee date. Be careful not to fall into thoughtless dating. Just because a young man asks you out doesn't mean you should go out with him. If you're not attracted to him, don't agree to go out with him. We are talking across the board here, not just physical attraction. Do you like his personality? Are you attracted to his mind? How do you feel about his sense of humor? Are you attracted to the whole of his person?

There are few truly godly young men around these days. I know. Don't settle because you're lonely. Be patient and trust God for the right young man. The young man that loves God, and cultivates his relationship with Christ. No man is perfect, but you will see all of the little seedlings of christlikeness, integrity, purity, respect, and spiritual maturity. If you thoughtlessly date guys that cannot lead you spiritually, and that you're not attracted to, you will end feeling emotionally confused and hurting the guy in the process. 

All right girls, that's my heart-to-heart. From one single girl to another.. seek God with all of your heart, and wait patiently. What do you think are some things you should do while you're single?


Monday, January 12, 2015


Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey friends! I know I have been a very bad blogger, but it's a new year and I'm purposing to be a consistent blogger in 2015. Even if it kills me! I'm a girl who needs reminders. I will actually forget that I haven't blogged. So by all means, tweet me and be like "Jen, what gives?". Now that it is 2015 I can dive into my blog journal (yes, I have a blogging journal. Excellent idea by the way! ) and turn some ideas into posts.

To kick off my year of consistent blogging, I'm sharing a little beauty diy that has been an absolute life saver for me. I have mentioned my struggle for pretty skin in the past. I made it through my teen years with the most lovely skin that a girl could ask for. Then I turned twenty. Nothing forces you to rid yourself of vanity quite like blotchy uneven skin. Not everyone has this struggle with their skin, but we all do get a spot here and there. Whether you have consistent breakouts or just a blemish or two, this spot treatment will be your new best friend!

+ 1/2 teaspoon of FRESH lemon juice
+ 1 cotton ball or a Q-tip
+ 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil

+ Cleanse face
+ Apply lemon juice to blemishes with cotton ball or Q-tip 
+ Let lemon juice dry ( About five minutes )
+ Apply coconut oil to entire face
+ Leave overnight

This spot treatment is so simple, yet effective. It is important to use fresh lemon juice, and I also recommend that you chill the lemon. The results will be much more positive if you use fresh lemon juice. This spot treatment works best if you let it work it's magic overnight. You should see an improvement in the appearance of your blemishes after the first night. Mild spots typically clear up significantly by the second or third day. Enough that they are not noticeable.

Begin by cleansing your face. I use a deep cleanser from BareEssentials ( which I highly recommend ). Remember to use warm water, not hot, and rinse your face with cool water to tighten up those pores. Let you skin breathe for at least ten minutes before applying the spot treatment. Especially if you have had makeup on all day. While you're letting your skin breathe, cut the lemon and squeeze about 1/2 a teaspoon ( more if needed ) of juice into a bowl. Apply lemon juice with cotton ball or Q-tip ( I prefer a Q-tip ) to blemishes and let dry. It should dry in about five minutes. Then apply coconut oil to entire face. You do need to prepare yourself. The lemon juice will sting with a decent fury. When you apply it to your blemishes they will appear quite red at first.

+ Lemon juice is a natural astringent that tightens the pores and brightens the complexion. It is also a natural source of Vitamin C, which is an ingredient commonly used to lighten sun and age spots and even out skin tone. Because of the acidity of lemon juice it is a powerful disinfectant. It kills the acne bacteria that contribute to flare-ups and spots. Lemon juice also lightens blemish redness and acne scarring. 

+ The coconut oil will deeply moisturize your face overnight. Coconut oil is very soothing to the skin and highly penetrating, so when it is applied to the skin it is absorbed quickly. It is an anti-inflammatory so it will reduce the inflammation from acne and mild blemishes. 

Was this helpful? What all natural beauty treatments do you use?
Also, feel free to ignore my reflection in the spoon in the image above!

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